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New Super Web Store

Recently we have released a newer and beautiful version of Celensoft Super Web Store making it flexible for more users to submit their themes and make the downloading process much easier. Click on the link below to move to our new store.

Violet Glow

Beautiful Violet coated borders and shadows, light grey bordered buttons. Redesigned tab color and shades.   

Author: Celensoft 

Last Updated : Sept. 29 2013

Black & White

Give your Super Web a traditional black & white look. This themes makes your Super Web unique and special from others.

Author: Celensoft 

Last Updated : Sept. 15 2013

Blood Red

This theme is good if you love to make your Super Web more colorful. This theme can do its work without affecting the speed.

Author: Celensoft 

Last Updated : Sept. 11 2013

Greenish Touch 

Feels like nature and is inspired by nature. So reflect nature in your Super Web.

Author: Celensoft 

Last Updated : Sept. 14 2013

Pink Candy

Go colorful with Super Web. Makes Super Web attractive and sharp to look at. Inspired by Pink Candies.

Author: Celensoft 

Last Updated : Oct 1 2013

Plain Green

Give you Super Web a simple yet professional greenish touch of nature. This theme is for those who love green and for those who went green.

Author: Celensoft 

Last Updated : Oct 2 2013

Smoky Blue

Give a smoky and translucent appearance for your Super Web. This theme gives the chrome of your Super Web a translucent effect .

Author: Celensoft 

Last Updated : Sept 17 2013


Give an ultra modern look to your Super Web. Get this theme and you will definitely love how your Super Web looks.

Author: Celensoft 

Last Updated : Oct 1 2013

Yellow Blast

Say "wow!" to your Super Web. Give a cute little yellow look to  your Super Web. 

Author: Celensoft 

Last Updated : Sept 30 2013

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